Milgard Styleline Series

Posted on Jun 02, 2016


        With the Styleline Series contemporary design and sleek, clean look, it is no wonder it is the most used Milgard Series.  However it is not only the look that people are attracted to.  It also has the thinnest frame of any vinyl series of windows which means more glass for a better view and more natural lighting.  People previously skeptical about vinyl windows enjoy this size frame.

        Just because the frame is narrow does not mean you do not have options however.  This series comes in different configurations, shapes, and sizes with multiple frame options to fit almost any application.  Quite a few grid, screen and paint options as well.  All come with positive action locks which is an extra feature from other manufacturers.  If privacy is a concern or you would like to add a decorative glass feature it has many obscured glass options for garages, bathrooms, entry ways, etc.  Also the standard dual-pane construction provides some noise control, giving you more peace and quiet than single-pane windows.  As well as different installation configurations, such as, block frame for siding, Z-bar for stucco and nailing fin for new construction.

        Styleline Series is manufactured in Sacramento, CA.  Which makes fast installations possible for our company throughout Northern California and they are tested and built for our climate.  This also means that custom sizes built to your exact specifications take no extra lead time.  They come with ratings that can meet or exceed Title 24 requirements, a glass breakage coverage option, and are the most reasonably priced with a full lifetime warranty including parts and labor.  We are also often able to bring in special pricing for this series.  Call us today for a free estimate.


  • Thinnest frame of any vinyl series, meaning more glass and better view
  • People previously skeptical about retrofit windows enjoy the narrow frame
  • Different frame options for any application
  • Comes in different configurations, shapes and sizes
  • Multiple grid options
  • Multiple paint options
  • Decorative glass for bathrooms, entry ways, garage windows, etc
  • Can meet or exceed Title 24 requirements
  • All come with positive action lock which is an extra feature from other manufacturers
  • Has a glass breakage coverage option
  • Manufactured in Sacramento, CA making quick and fast installations possible in Northern California
  • Most reasonably priced with full lifetime warranty including parts and labor
  • We are often able to bring in special pricing

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